One day I was watching animal planet and they started talking about breeding animals. You know when you take two animals, mainly in the same species to produce a hybrid. This includes (lion and tiger), grolar bear (grizzly and polar bear) and the zonkey (yep.. zebra, donkey). I was so intruiged that I did some research and found the limitations in hybriding — one they had to be from the same species and climate, life span, and habitat also contributed. But people didnt allow reality to limit their imagination. Check out these Photoshop hybrids:
wolf bird  lelephant
panda peng  hion

College Humor: Photoshop Has Gone Too Far

The video shows what exactly you can do with Photoshop. The end product is a model. The original image will shock you

Top Five: Spring 2015 Trends

1. The Safari Trench

This is going to be a staple piece for Spring and Summer. Everyone probably owns some variation of this classic trench, but to make it suitable for warm weather it’s tactful to go with a light weight, breathable material like silk or nylon.



2. Overalls 

This is a trend I absolutely adore. We’ve seen this a lot last Spring and luckily it’s still alive and thriving this year. Brands like True Religion and Guess are embracing this trend with open arms.



3. Fringe 

This is very popular this year. What I love about fringe is just a hint can turn a simple outfit into something unique, interesting and statement.

fringe suede


4. Gingham Print 

Oppa Gingham style!This is certainly a breath of fresh air from the plaid print we’ve seen so often this year. This is fun, cool and makes you think lemonade and sandwiches — yes a picnic.

gingham pants  gingham wedge


5. Subtle 70’s 

The age of the circle shaped sunglasses, wide leg pants and hippy spirit is back. Return of the 70’s. Oh how I’ve missed you.

70 sg   pa

My Very First Painting

It’s tough work trying to make it in Gotham especially if you’re not a super hero with an English butler. That’s why you need a warrior’s spirit.


Cubist Piece

Step 1: My Inspiration

For my cubist assignment the inspiration came from body distortion. In this piece ‘the Girl with Mandolin’ I specifically appreciated the use of angles and and edges. Additionally, there was something so beautiful about the use of negative and positive space. The background is just as interesting as the woman herself.


Step 2: Creating A Concept

The character in my design is a woman suffering from body dysmorphic disorder. As she gazes at her reflection, she see’s only pieces of her reflection like a collage looking into a broken mirror. She is haunted by her reflection but drawn to it at the same time. She has to overcome her fears and insecurities to give birth to the beauty within.


Step 3: Visualization

Before getting started I needed a picture. This is an example of how the end product will look. Her nose, lips and eyes will be in unique places, her body will be in abstract proportions. The end goal is for her body to look like a believable collage as apposed to her physical reality.


Cubism Defined: The Birth of Cubism

Photoshop: Digital Imaging’s Paintbrush and Canvas

Photoshop acts as the paintbrush and canvas to your world of digital imaging. It truly allows you to create imagination in the flesh through compilation, manipulation and alteration. Having just started out, my advice for all beginners would be to keep at it. It takes time, but once you understand the basics everything will seem to flow effortlessly.